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Startup Weekend is an intense 54 hour event which focuses on creating business models, products or services which could form the basis of a credible business over the course of a weekend.

The weekend brings together people with different skillsets – primarily developers, creatives and business people – to build (paper) prototypes and develop a commercial case around them.

Do you want to know how Startup Weekend works, and what is does? Look at the video below:

Here is the prelimenary schedule for the coming weekend. It’s a concept, so a lot can change!

Friday, June 1st

  • 5:00 pm – Doors open
  • 6.30 pm – Event officially begins. Networking time.
  • 7.00 pm –  Official kick-off and Keynote speaker
  • 7:30 pm – Pitches start (Pitches are 60-seconds each. Pitch your best idea first, because we may not have a chance for second or third pitches)
  • 8.30 pm – Pitches conclude. More time for networking. Some teams begin to self-form
  • 9.30 pm – Voting. Teams solidify and work begins throughout the night

Saturday, June 2nd

  • 8. 00 am – Breakfast is served.
    This day is all about building, developing, designing, writing, creating, etc.
  • 9.00 am – Mentors arrive throughout the day
  • 10.00 am – By now, teams should have prototype(s) on paper, decided on a working title, and created technical plans. Start getting servers live, buying domains, creating user flows, etc.
  • 12.00 am –  Lunch and speaker
  • 12:30 pm – More business plan development, coding, thinking
  • 6:00 pm – Dinner and catch up
  • …Work through the night
  • 10.00 pm – Drinks for whoever wants to join

Sunday, June 3rd

  • 8.00 am – Breakfast
  • 10.00 am – Teams should have a live splash page up with an email capture and a simple blog.
  • 12.00 am – Lunch and a speaker
  • 3.00 pm – Chance to try out your final pitch
  • 5.00 pm – Hand in your presentation to the organisers
  • 5.30 pm – Dinner
  • 6.00 pm – Final presentations.
  • 8:00 pm – Panel votes. Awards.
    Drinks and snacks will be served after the event for those that want to stay and socialize.

We will ask you to present your company and your idea to a panel of judges.

You have 3 minutes to show that your company is the best, and how you will eventually take the world by storm with your idea and/or product! The best idea will be the winner of Startup Weekend Eindhoven!

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions for more details or send us a tweet (@swEindhoven).



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